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  Transform My Beauty  Inc.

A 501 C3 non profit organization committed to inspiring young girls with a serious medical condition.


•Produce events specifically for children that represent a serious medical condition.

•Beauty outreach; providing free cosmetology services to underserved communities across the World.

•Provide free wigs and services to women and children with hair loss due to chemotherapy.

•Hospital Visits with snuggle packages for children .


Change lives and provide support.




Transform My Beauty was birthed off the founder’s personal experiences with cancer.


I went from battling cancer as a child to becoming a very successful Hair Care Professional .When I was younger, growing up I could never understand why I had to experience something so devastating OF GETTING MY FINGER CUT OFF. At age 10 I had to get my finger amputated due to a very rare form of Cancer. Older and wiser I now know that god has a plan for each and everyone of us!  Id never say i wish I never had cancer because the whole experience is worth everything I’ve ever been through! Having an amputation  has never slowed me down nor will it stop me from doing anything I’ve ever wanted to do.

FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS AND HAVING THAT DETERMINATION TO ACHIEVE THE THE THINGS YOU DIDN’T EVEN SEE COMING is Success at its best! I can go on and on about  HOW HARD THINGS can get but id  rather inspire you to PUSH THROUGH THEM HARD TIMES. One thing I can say is thinking about giving up is way out of my league. THE DESIRE DEEP DOWN INSIDE urges me to keep going pushing me beyond measures.  Being different, weird, outgoing and independent gives some the wrong impressions of who I Keisha really am! My passion is real, my passion is rare i’ve yet to meet another like myself! All through my journey i’ve had doubters and naysayers telling me where I wouldn’t go because of the way I talk, how I wore my hair, even how I dressed.  I’VE said all of this to send a message —->>>>To this day I would have never made it without the blood of Jesus. Never let anyone tell you Who you are or what you cant become because of your differences! Together we  can CHANGE LIVES with our stories. In Spite of your challenge, you too can be whatever you want to be. I ONLY HAVE 9 FINGERS and i am able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I CAN DO SOME THINGS THAT STYLIST WITH ALL 10 CAN’T EVEN DO. There is a young girl some where that wants to give up on a dream because of an medical condition or illness they are battling! But I’m here to tell you

NEVER GIVE UP ON A DREAM THAT GOD HAS PLACED IN YOUR HEART no matter how far away it seems or hard it may look, DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU you CANT! My passion for hair, to uplift others along with my personal understanding of the strength it takes to overcome extreme challenges is the driving force behind this organization. I will be the voice of the rare and break down barriers expressing to the world how important it is not to not judge someone because of how they look but get to know the other side of their condition which is the human being itself! We all have a story to tell, I believe we can change the world AND STOP BULLYING! It is important to know that medical differences aren’t reasons to stare, mistreat, or make assumptions.


A world where you can #JustBeU one word one person